Biulding Security

Your building and security check points become completely automated. No more sorting through countless pieces of paper to determine who was at your facility, at what time and for what reason. Let signaturetrack™ software electronically capture signatures for you.
In the old days, a simple paper and clipboard sign in and out did the job. Ensuring the security of your facility has become of paramount concern. Now signaturetrack™ allows your visitors to sign electronically while preserving confidentiality.
Our system comes with a Front Counter Tablet, similar to the payment process used in many retail stores today. The software immediately date and time stamps the signature for permanent electronic storage, it then clears the screen Securitymaintaining complete confidentiality. Detailed reports measure the number of visitors by day, week, month, etc. You can also track why someone is attempting to gain access with our dynamic "reason for visit screen". Are they an employee or visitor? Did they have an appointment or are they a walk in, etc.? The system can be integrated with existing databases and management software.
Our Biometric Signature tablet measures vector, speed and pressure. Providing you with a true and legal signature, not just a image of a signature. Our Software comes with built in security so signatures can't be copied and placed into other documents.

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