Signature Track

Does your Sign in Process meet current accreditation standards?

Go paperless with automatic signatures on forms. Signature Applications Softwareâ„¢ is a revolutionary way to capture signatures electronically. Any "sign in" process can be automated, making it secure and confidential, or you can simply capture signatures and easily place them into documents. Whatever the application, you save time and money.
Our Biometric Signature Pad measures vector, speed and pressure. Providing you with a true and legal signature, not just a image of a signature. Our Software comes with built in security so signatures can't be copied and placed into other documents.

Automate any "Sign In" Process

The signaturetrackâ„¢ system is designed to manage your reception area electronically. Visitor logs capture the Signature, Date and Time Stamp. You can rest assured knowing that confidentiality is always maintained. Our software allows people to sign all forms electronically. Once signed, the signature is automatically imported in the "virtual" carbon copy. Thus, no photocopying, scanning or other types of imaging are required. Plus, the software tracks each form as it is completed, eliminating any questions about which forms have been signed.

Sign Warrants Remotely

During evenings or weekends, Judges can be emailed warrants, sign them electronically and return them. No more faxing documents back and forth. Forms are permanently stored in the database for easy recall and printing. Integrated Help files help you navigate the system. Built in security will not allow signatures to be cut and pasted into other documents.

Detailed Reporting

Extensive Reports detail waiting room and clinical time. Time reports may be aggregated by all patients/visitors over a period of time, including day, week, month or year. Reasons for visits can be captured and aggregated to help determine staffing levels.
You'll never need to worry about compliance audits with our comprehensive reporting capabilities. All information is complied and can be viewed or printed as needed.

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